James Richardson Spensley, british doctor, sportsman and teosophist, disembarked in the port of Genova in 1895 and lit the sparkle that brought football to Italy. His values of true fairplay blended with the nobleness of the city emblems and – with Genoa CFC – the beauty of Football was born. We pride ourselves in using the name Spensley to honor these origins and thus endlessly and bravely looking for beauty in Football.

We stand by and help clubs who value their historical heritage by creating specific projects in the shape of:

Jerseys: Historic, Leisure and Heritage collections;

Flags: inspired to the Club/Team’s history, imagery and symbols;

Initiatives and events: to involve fan communities and artists into creating beauty, identity and sense of belonging around the Club.

We are now offering our customers a brand new Spensley jerseys collection, inspired by and treasuring from our experience working with professional Football Clubs, that represents our efforts in pursuing style and beauty. In James Richardson Spensley, italian Football pioneer and extraordinary man, we found the inspiration to hold sportsmanship, the magic of the game and historical narrative as the core values of our endavour.

In everything we do, we strive to encourage and protect the humanistic, artisan and even spiritual dimension of doing and creating. Our goal is to be able to share and promote this founding and irrinunciabile premise through our products and services.